Glassworks Katarínska Huta

Slovak premium crystal since 1841

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Glass factory in Katarínska Huta was established in 1841, by Mr. František Kuchynka and brothers. The occassion for building such factory was an occurance of nice beech trees and rich silica sands on the surrounding hills. These reasons were not purposeless.

Good quality beech wood was and still is for production of glass molds and also for the heating of glass ovens, silica sand is the basic material for glass production.
The glass factory was producing at those times for regional consumption (jugs, milk bottles, table glass). But already in 1842 the factory presented its special hand made pokal at the Budapest exhibition and was rewarder as a special product. It attracted attention by its size and unusual shape. This product is showed till present time in Budapest museum. The glass factory had been built its recognition after many more exhibitions and in 1843 was rewarded by a Golden medal.
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The next heyday of the glass production happened after transposition of ownership from the founder to his brother-in-law Ján Kožuch in 1849.

Kožuch was a businesman with glass in Budapest and at the same time an owner of the ironworks factory in Cinobanska Maša village, where were produced also tools for the glass factory.

After his death in 1863 the glass factory was taken over and well managed by his wife Karolína, born Kuchynková.
She led the factory long 40 years. Her son in law, a doctor of law Jozef Elod - Stanislav created a joint stock company Kossuch Glass to avoid family disagreements.

This brand became a famous over the world. The glass factory produced a high quality drinking glassware, table glass, stemware and colored glass.

Also Mr. Elod Kende will stay indelibly inscribed in the history of the factory, because he used his contacts abroad so during the years from 1933 till 1938 the factory sold products valued 30 millions czechoslovak crowns.
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After the second world war in 1948 the factory was nationalized and included under the holding Slovglass. Many awards from european exhibitions prooves skills and abilities of glass masters from Katarínska Huta.
In spite of this fact the glass factory was decreasing its production after 1989 and in 2012 bankrupted. But in 2013 the factory was bought by company R-GLASS Trade and the glassworks under Silver mountain again revived ...
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